Песня Serebro Kiss (Club Stars Remix) - Serebro Kiss (Club Stars Remix)

Клип SEREBRO - Kiss (Official Video)

SEREBRO - Kiss (Official Video) out now.
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Serebro are back, two years after the earworm “Mi Mi Mi” and three after “Mama Lover”’s car. Olga, Daria and Polina bring us a warm, hot wind from Russia and sing about a whispered “Kiss”.
Shortly: two platinum awards in Italy and one gold award in the Netherlands, a couple of synchs with huge Hollywood productions, a tour in Japan, a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, a track re-sung by an Indonesian pop star (go and look for Aku Suka Kamu). And almost 100 million views on Youtube.
Be ready. Serebro are really back.

Written by: Maxim Fadeev/ Olga Seryabkina
Directed by Stanislav Morozov
Malfa 2015


I still remember that sunny day light
I cherish the moment that painted my heart
And all u were saying with ur angel lies
And u don't believe in what I feel for u
It's just because u had sad love or few
But I'm in love with u and this is true
Tonight I'll kiss u
Tonight I'll miss u
I opened my eyes and I saw dejavu
Like omg I was dancing with u
And other things that I wanted to do
It don't mean a thing now if u are so far
I'm gonna make our hearts beating fast
And I'm on the way and know where u are