Скачать Life After Love - OST "Статус свободен" - Al Ivanov

Клип к песне Curtain Call in Cherry Orchard with KSENIA RAPPOPORT,DANILA KOZLOVSKIY,ELIZAVETA BOIARSKAIA 2.24.16

By Anton Chekhov
Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg, Russia
Directed and adapted by Lev Dodin

“...exquisite, sometimes as powerful as a hammer hitting an anvil.”
—The Moscow Times
Written for a Russia in the throes of social upheaval, Chekhov’s masterpiece The Cherry Orchard reverberates across more than a century in this new staging from visionary director Lev Dodin and his St. Petersburg-based Maly Drama Theatre (Three Sisters, 2012 Winter/Spring; Uncle Vanya, 2010 Spring Season).

Dusty sheets, flickering reel-to-reels, and empty suitcases conjure the last days of Lyubov Ranevskaya’s beloved estate, set to be auctioned, along with her famed cherry orchard, unless former serf Lopakhin can find a way to rouse her family from the shuttered half-light of former glory and into a new day. With its motley cast of faded nobles and hangers-on, Chekhov’s tragicomedy captures the nuances of a new social order, in which the static nobility gives way to the harsh realities of social mobility, political unrest, and constant, grinding expansion.