Аудио Kill Me With Your Love (Original Mix) Genre-ChillOut "320kbps" - Yanni

Видеоклип [Chillout] Sinoptik Music - Left Behind (Original Mix) [Silk Music]

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▼ Release Tracklist:
01 Sinoptik Music - Untold (Original Mix)
02 Sinoptik Music - Untold (Andora Jane Remix)
03 Sinoptik Music - Killing Me (Original Mix)
04 Sinoptik Music - Left Behind (Original Mix)

Sinoptik Music (Georgia) is back on Silk Sofa with a brand new 4-track EP, "Untold". As with his previous release, "As Far Off As You Are", fellow Georgian artist Andora Jane contributes a stunning remix of the title track.

The title track takes off with an intricate breakbeat and mesmerizing sound effects in the background. While delicious arpeggio melodies slowly build, gorgeous pad layers are added, and a stunning soundscape is soon established. As the song progresses, brilliant percussion variations and thrilling melodies are showcased.

Andora Jane's take quickly introduces a haunting atmosphere, in which a delicious piano line and breathtaking pad layers form the foundation of the remix. While the arpeggio melodies from the original mix are playing in the background, a captivating breakbeat and unique percussion effects provide great texture.

In "Killing Me", we initially witness brilliant percussion lines and a well-crafted soundscape. Slowly, a number of gorgeous melodies build, which are later accompanied by a signature vocal line. Energetic and truly mesmerizing arpeggios are introduced later, which form a breathtaking groove.

Last, but definitely not least, "Left Behind" introduces an energetic and frisky breakbeat. A soothing bassline appears shortly thereafter, while intriguing sound effects create additional texture. A light, inspiring theme lead plays remarkably well with the well-structured breakbeat and stunning sound effects throughout the song.
▼ Photography:
Photographer: Adam Marshall