Слушать I've Gotta Go (Alexander Holsten Radio Mix) - Imany

Видеоклип Imany - I've Gotta Go (Alexander Holsten Radio Mix)

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Deep house is a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of Chicago house with 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music. The lengths of the tracks are usually around 7 and 10 minutes, with tempos usually in the range of 120 to 130 BPM. This style of house music can often have an acoustic feeling. Deep house was largely pioneered by Chicago producers such as Marshall Jefferson (On the House) and Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) and with tracks such as "Mystery of Love" (1985) and "Can You Feel It?" (1986); the latter had a similar impact on deep house as Derrick May's "Strings Of Life" (1987) did on Detroit techno. The jazzy sound became more common due to the favored use of electronic pianos such as the Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer and the Hammond organ. Heard's deep house sound moved house music away from its posthuman tendencies back towards the lush, soulful sound of early disco music

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