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--== TRACKLIST ==--
00:00 The Birth of a Soul
02:01 Aeorien
05:21 Iron Poetry (feat. Kate St. Pierre)
08:23 Splendid
11:53 Flames Of Glory
14:50 Collapsing Universe
16:49 Dragon Rider
19:01 You Will Be This Legend
22:31 Life After Life
25:23 Starchild
26:55 Purple Skies
29:44 The Promise
31:28 Suns And Stars
34:09 Spirits on Earth
35:32 Close Your Eyes
37:18 Where Heroes Fell
39:10 Reborn from Ashes
41:14 Giant Hunter
43:08 Gender
46:42 Freedom For Lost Souls
48:16 Th3 Awak3n1ng
53:01 Rise of Empire
55:09 The Eternal Rest of a Ronin
57:40 Untouchable


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